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A few days ago, the news of AC Rickshaws spread like wildfire where many major news outlets and online blogs wrote a quite mesmerizing story about the revolutionized rickshaws.

Many people saw the new rickshaw model on the streets of Lahore and which presented the look of a minicab. Confused as to how an electric rickshaw has a working air conditioner, MORE News contacted the manufacturer of these rickshaws, ZAR Motors which has described the news of AC Rickshaw as falsehood.

Muhammad Bilal, Manager of ZAR Motors revealed that a single news channel ran this wrong news regarding their rickshaws and many other outlets followed them without verifying it for themselves.

The company does not provide AC rickshaws rather it offers electric rickshaws which house a blower that can keep the vehicle warm in winters and cool in summers.

As it is an electric vehicle, it is not feasible to provide an AC service without placing a major price tag. Currently, these rickshaws are available in various models in the price range of Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 269,000.

It features 110 Ampere battery which on a single charge can cover a distance of 150 KM. Looking at these figures, if they offered an air conditioner, the rickshaw wouldn’t even last for 50-60 KM on a full battery.

The vehicle needs 220 volts for charging its battery meaning, you can plug it into a regular socket that you use for your mobile phone. It does not consume battery during traffic jams, thus saving embarrassing breakdowns in the middle of a journey.

The electric rickshaw uses 5 set of batteries that can last for 2.5 years. Afterward, a person needs to replace them with the new ones, where a single battery would cost Rs.10,000.

Zar Motors provides a guarantee of one year for Motor Controller and 6 months for the battery charger. Currently, their vehicles are being used in various Army Cantonments Boards, even ARY channel possesses a few of their electric rickshaws

It is indeed confusing for us all that how come major news publications including TechJuice, Daily Pakistan and Pakistan Today didn’t confirm and verify the story about AC rickshaws before informing the public.

Only Samaa accurately reported the news, highlighting the amazing quality of the new rickshaw that does not consume petrol or gas. This is an alarming situation as people have started to expect more from the rickshaw industry that frankly is still a fantasy.

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