Earlier this year in April the Chinese smartphone maker released the Meizu 15, along with a Plus and Lite version, and since then, the company has been reportedly working on its successor, Meizu 16 Plus. From what we’ve gathered, the phone will come with jaw-dropping specifications and state of the art design to rival the likes of Oppo Find X.

Meizu’s own CEO Huang Zhang has been the major source of most of the information for the phone up till now which makes the info pretty solid and trustworthy. According to him, the phone will have thinner bezels than the iPhone X and the Mi 8. Since both the phones have around 83% screen to body ratio so we can expect the Meizu 16 to come with at least 84% and above.

An early report suggests that the phone will come in two variants with different Chipsets The regular sized model will go for Snapdragon 710 while the Meizu 16 Plus will host the powerful Snapdragon 845. However, the last two bits are still unconfirmed but the CEO did say that at least one of the devices will feature the flagship SD845 chipset.

Meizu 16
Meizu 16 front panel (L) placed alongside Oppo Find X (R)

Recently the front panel of the phone was showcased by a Weibo user. If it is to be believed, the phone will have practically no bezels on the side, and the top and bottom bezels are extremely thin. The panel was placed alongside Oppo Find X and the design looks pretty promising.

Interestingly, the Meizu 16 will come with the in-display fingerprint scanner, a feature that can not be found on the expensive Oppo Find X.

According to the company’s CEO, the bigger model with SD845 will feature a copper heat pipe, an advanced heatsink system, that will help the handset take full advantage of the SoC while keeping the phone from getting hot during gaming sessions.

As for the optics, nothing is yet confirmed but the phone is expected to have a dual-camera setup on its back and is also tipped to come with the wireless charging. It’s a shame that Oppo priced the Find X at Rs.1,50,000 in Pakistani market and the phone doesn’t even support wireless charging. It’s a feature we would love to see on top-tier phones.

Meizu 16 is set to launch on August 26 and the expected price is rumored to be $600 (Rs. 72,939), which is half of the price of Oppo Find X.

Meizu is known to experiment with new technologies that translate into ease of access for the user. The company earlier launched the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus both of which have dual screens. So it is altogether possible that the company produces a phone worthy to compete with the Oppo Find X. Earlier the Country Head of Pakistan Meizu mobile challenged Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo and said that Meizu intends to compete with other Chinese giants with its innovative technology.