Meizu Pro 7

Meizu, the smartphone from China, has dropped the prices of its smartphones in Pakistan. Keeping in mind that other companies are increasing their product prices, this is a commendable move from Meizu.

Samsung was the first smartphone company to raise their smartphone prices recently. Infinix followed suit shortly increased their prices by a huge margin int he wake of depletion of Rupee value.

Meizu however, stayed true to its course and dropped the prices instead of elevating them despite the recent dollar surge in Pakistan. Speaking to More News, Country Head Meizu Mobiles Pakistan, Mr. Fraz Khan professed, ” We don’t want to rip off our customers”.

That’s a pleasingly good approach, however, our sources tell us that Meizu hasn’t get rid of the old smartphone stock which might also be a reason to drop the prices.

Here are the revised prices of Meizu Smartphones in Pakistan.

Mobile Model

Old Price

New Price

Meizu Pro 7 PlusRs. 59,999/-Rs. 48,999/-
Meizu Pro 7Rs. 45,999/-Rs. 39,999/-
Meizu M6 NoteRs. 29,999/-Rs. 25,999/-
Meizu M6Rs. 18,999/-Rs. 16,999/-

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