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Guys Meizu is here in Pakistan, and this Chinese smartphone company looks promising in terms of some impressive specs that its latest flagships phones offer.

Yes, its latest Pro 7 Plus is the phone that offers dual Super AMOLED screens as well as the Dual camera. The remarkable thing about this phone is that it is featuring first time a ten core processor, Helios X30, based on 10nm technology.  

But no, this isn’t the smartphone the company is bringing in Pakistan yet, however, we are getting reports that December and January 2018 would be the months for some latest Meizu phones.

At the moment, the Chinese manufacturer has started off with a little bit of conservative approach for the Pakistani market by introducing three models namely M5, M3 Note and MX6. You can see their specification and price at the bottom.

Meizu doesn’t seem to be afraid of experimenting things. It kicked off back in 2007 with the smartphone business and based its first model on windows inspired OS. Later, it also brought some models with Android and Ubuntu operating system which were a success.

Despite the fact the Meizu phones have looked similar to Apple iPhone, it has some unique features added to its phones, such as the mTouch home key and the super-fast mCharge 4.0 technology. Moreover, Meizu offers a different approach on Android called Flyme OS, which adds more flavor in regards to the functionality of the Android operating system.

Unlike other Chinese phone sellers like Oppo and Vivo, who are mostly Asia specific, Meizu has already created some acquaintance in the european markets through MX3 and MX4. The brand is present in Europe, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Egypt and quite recently landed in India.

The company grabbed an investment of US $ 590 million from Alibaba back in 2015. We are already much familiar with the intentions of online selling giant who had signed an e-commerce MoU in May this year and later it was rumored that Alibaba was buying stakes in Telenor Bank.

Despite the online muscle of Alibaba that Meizu might use in Pakistan, it will reportedly rely on the retail channel for which it has started working with Tech Sirat Pvt Ltd, the same people who have worked with Lenovo in Pakistan.

All Meizu products come with 12 months handset warranty and 12 months battery warranty.

We are not sure what kind of early response the company will get from Pakistani audience, but we are pretty hopeful that buyers are definitely going to have a lot of smartphone options in the market.

Brief Specifications for Meizu smartphones

Meizu M5 (4G)

Meizu M5

  • Price: Rs. 15,100
  • RAM: 2Gb / 16Gb ROM
  • Display: 5.2″ HD
  • Camera: 13MP / 5MP
  • Battery: 3070 mAh
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Color: Matte Black, Champagne Gold, Blue*

Meizu M3 Note (4G)

Meizu M3 Note

  • Price: Rs. 19,500
  • RAM: 2Gb / 16Gb ROM
  • Display: “5.5″ FHD
  • Camera: 13MP / 5 MP
  • Battery: 4100 mAh
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Color: Gray



  • Price: Rs. 31,500
  • Color: Gray
  • RAM: 4Gb / 32Gb ROM
  • Display: “5.5″ FHD
  • Camera: 12MP / 5MP
  • Battery: 3060 mAh (fast charging)
  • Fingerprint Sensor

Disclaimer: The above mentioned price reflects the retail cost of the device at the time of its launch. It does not represent any price changes made by the company over time.

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