Metro Bus for feeder routes delayed

As we reported earlier, for 200 Metro buses to hit the streets on feeder routes Punjab Metro bus Authority (PMA) has issued the directions to the officials for installing 1500 security cameras on the both sides of the route. But it is likely that we will be seeing some delay in the project.

While the bus service is slated to start this month, the government has yet to finalize whether the Punjab Mass Transit Authority or the Punjab Safe Cities Authority should install surveillance cameras on its routes. It’s not the first time the project has seen delays as before there was disagreement over terms of the contract between PMA and the operator.

The Metro Bus service was expected to start this month but the decision of who is going to install surveillance cameras is still a mystery. The government has not yet finalized whether  Punjab Mass Transit Authority or the Punjab Safe Cities Authority should install surveillance cameras on feeder routes.

The Tribune reported that a spokesperson of Daewoo Pakistan, which has the contract for the service, is hopeful that the buses will start commuting in mid-January and further said:

“As soon as the authorities resolve the issue of installing cameras and setting up bus shelters, the company would start operations on 14 feeder bus routes of Lahore Metro bus service.”

The Safe Cities Authority has installed cameras for surveillance and monitoring all over Lahore, and Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) is also using CCTV cameras to maintain efficient metro bus operations in Lahore and Rawalpindi. Both of them are eying the government as to who will be awarded the privilege to install and monitor cameras on the feeder routes.

PKR 3 billion have been invested in securing 162 large and 38 small buses

The enormous amounts of money spent on such projects in a time, where we have the adverse law, education and health issues really makes us wonder if Pakistan needs buses or bettered institutions. Insane amount of money spent by Punjab government on Lahore and sometimes Rawalpindi raises the question whether Shahbaz Sharif is the CM of Punjab or Lahore.


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