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Metro Buses on Feeder Routes Start in Lahore

Finally, after much speculation and wait the government of Punjab has introduced Metro Buses for feeder routes in Lahore. The service inaugurated by CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif has 200 buses that will cover 14 routes with a distance of around 130 KM.

The fully air-conditioned buses have 28 seats where 9 of them are reserved for ladies and 19 for men.

Metro buses camera
Security cameras in the bus

The Metro Buses have 8 security cameras, where 4 are placed on the door, 2 at the driver’s side, 1 at the back and 1 outside the bus that can monitor the traffic behind.

Fares & Metro Card

Metro buses card
Passenger showing his Metro Card

The passengers need to have a Metro Card which can be bought from inside the bus or Metro Bus Stations.

A passenger can buy Metro Card for PKR 200 from inside the bus, where the card costs PKR 130, and PKR 70 is the balance, that can be recharged from the Metro Bus stations.

If a passenger desires to only buy the card without the balance or include more balance, they can go to the Metro Bus station.

Metro buses card scanner
Card Scanner

On entering the bus, a passenger has to scan their card, where it automatically deducts the amount i.e. PKR 15 for regular charges whereas if a person traveled on Metro Bus and is going to travel on the Metro Buses for feeder routes, he will be charged PKR 5 only.

Metro buses scanning
Passenger scanning their Metro Card

A regular person on scanning the card will be charged PKR 20 where he/she needs to scan it again while leaving to get a refund of PKR 5.

The provincial government is not going to end the regular LTC buses but their routes would be changed and they also wouldn’t stop at the bus stops that are assigned to metro buses for feeder routes.

Feast your eyes on the Metro Buses for feeder routes:

Metro buses passengers
Passengers getting on the Bus
Metro buses side
Metro Bus’s side
Metro buses back
Back of Metro Bus
Metro buses bus incharge
Metro Bus Incharge
Metro buses female section
Bus Incharge talking to female passengers
Metro buses stop
Bus Stop for Metro Bus

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  1. Akhtar Manzoor

    its really highly great services for the citizens & such a amazing way of travelling by luxury buses. I would like to ask is there any way to recharges the card through mobile or any easy paisa shop.
    its my humble request to the authority please provide the easy way of recharge or provide machine to bus conductor so it would be more flexible & will save the time with luxurious travel.
    I hope bus authorities will took place my suggestion for on going great services.

    Akhtar Manzoor

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