Mi Vista app is your new personal safety tool for self-defense

Mi Vista App emergency

Mi Vista app is your new personal safety tool that will help you in your life’s scariest moments. The app is designed to protect you in the case of any emergency. The application is available for iOS and Android-based smartphones.

Mi Vista is created by an app developer from Australia, namely Shannon Cloy. About ten years ago, he was beaten violently outside a hotel. The man who attacked him was never caught. What shocked him the most was that there were CCTV cameras installed everywhere near the hotel, but there was no footage of his attacker in any of the cameras.

Since then, Cloy started working on a self-defensive tool so that the other people do not experience this kind of cruelty.

He started imagining that how the people can enhance their personal security and why the CCTV cameras can never help any victim of a crime.

After years of research, he designed a smartphone app, called Mi Vista. The app comes with a variety of emergency tools that anyone can use.

How to use Mi Vista App?

After installing the Mi Vista app, launch it and enter your mobile number for the verification process. You will receive a four-digit verification code, enter this code inside the app. The app will now display the form for registration. You will have to enter your first and the last name, and date of birth to complete the registration.

Make sure that the GPS in your smartphone is activated. To do this, go to the settings of your phone and enable the GPS from the location settings.

You can now select the phone numbers of your friends or family members who are already using this app and add them to your emergency list. There appears a circle on the bottom. When you tap this circle, an image will be captured and sent to all of the emergency contact numbers that you have selected, along with the location information.

The application is really a must-have utility for every smartphone user, and in a country like Pakistan, we need this kind of tools because no one in our country knows if he will come back to home safely from his office, school etc.

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