Microsoft to bring Power Saving technique to save battery during Wi-Fi sharing

Microsoft has registered a patent called Power Saving Wi-Fi Tethering, to save battery power consumption during Wi-Fi hotspot tethering.

There are times when you need to share your smartphone’s internet service with your friends or family members. You enable Wi-Fi sharing option in your smartphone, but when you activate this feature, the battery of your smartphone dies very quickly, because the phone continuously sends signals to the other smartphones, and it does not matter if someone is using your Wi-Fi or not.

Wi-Fi tethering drains your battery more quickly if the connection you are sharing is very slow. For example, if you are sharing a basic GPRS connection to the other users, the battery will die in maximum four to five hours, depending on the size of the battery.

How will Power Saving Wi-Fi Tethering Technology work?

Microsoft has a great idea, the idea focuses on saving the power of smartphone’s battery when someone is not using the Wi-Fi shared by a user. Meaning, when you activate Wi-Fi tethering on your phone, and the other person stops using your internet after a certain period of time, the Wi-Fi tethering feature on your smartphone will automatically turn off and the smartphone will also go into the sleep mode.

Power Saving Wi-Fi Tethering technology will check on intervals if your internet connection is really being used, or you are just wasting the battery power. When a person starts using your Wi-Fi again, the system will automatically bring back the Wi-Fi signals.

Which devices will support this feature?

There is a chance that Microsoft will add the Power Saving Wi-Fi Tethering on its latest operating system, Windows 10 and it is also likely that the person sharing Wi-Fi and the one who is using it, both will have to install this app for the function to work properly.

Microsoft will also improve push services in Windows 10 so that this technology can work as supposed.

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