Skype professional preview feature

A unique version of Skype is in the making as Microsoft is working on introducing Skype Professional Account for freelancers and small business owners. Microsoft announced the Skype Professional Account Preview on their official blog.

The tech giant is planning to release the preview of this new version of Skype in the U.S. This version comes with powerful new features that will make conducting online businesses a lot easier.

Meeting with your clients, Booking different meetings, accepting payments, and keeping notes of your tasks can all be accessed in this version of the app.

From a language teacher to a personal trainer, the Skype Professional version will help all those people who provide their services remotely.

Right now you might use email to arrange a Skype call, or if you want to schedule your Skype meetings, you might use a calendar software to do so, and a third-party provider to manage your online payments.

Skype Professional Preview

Well, Skype Professional will give freelancers and small business owners the power to do all those functions from just one app. You will be able to book lessons, teach them remotely and would be able to accept payments easily.

To help improve the user’s online presence an enhanced profile page is added. Business offerings and hours will be visible to their contacts on a dedicated website for the small business that is added right on Skype.

You’ll be able to access all your notes without leaving the app. All your contacts can be ported to the Skype Professional Account Preview desktop client and your customers will continue using their familiar Skype app to work with you.

Skype Professional version can also be used by your customers to find businesses relevant to them. This means that they will be able to find the type of professional they want to work with on their project.

In short, a Skype Professional Account will make it easier for thousands of freelancers out there to connect with their customers and move forward with their business all from one place.


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