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Film Distributors in India are being threatened over new Bollywood movie Raees as it stars a Pakistani actress Mahira Khan but the country is not that active in seeking answers for the problems its soldiers and officers are facing right now, talk about priorities.

The problems and crisis of Indian soldiers keep on taking new twists and turns. Previously, in this scandal Indian BSF (Border Security Force) Taej Bahadur Yadav released a series of videos on his Facebook page openly talking about the condition of food that is being served to the Indian soldiers.

Yadav claims mass corruption regarding food supplies for the soldiers in his video; he said:

“We don’t want to blame the government because it does send us the food. However, it is all sold off in the markets before it gets to us.”


Following the viral video of the Indian soldier, a CRPF constable Jeet Singh has released a self-recorded video talking about the discrimination faced by personnel of the CRPF and other paramilitary forces, as compared to those employed in the Indian Army. He said:

“The (the CRPF jawan) does not get any welfare, no timely holidays. No one understands our pain, friends. Don’t we deserve it (similar facilities to the army)? The Army (personnel) get the pension, our pension has been stopped. Twenty years later, when we leave our job, what will we do? We don’t get ex-servicemen quota, no canteen, no medical facilities.”

Both of these Indian soldiers have made a plea to their country to grant them the services that they deserve. But, the BSF officials now claim that Taej Bahadur is a chronic alcoholic, and thus, no one should listen to him also he is nowhere to be found and his wife claims that Yadav is missing. Really! If the country is okay with alcoholics in the army of India, then they have much bigger problems than they would have anticipated.

Today another video has come to the surface, this time Lance Naik Yagya Pratap Singh, posted in 42 Infantry Brigade of India has accused his seniors of harassment.

The Indian media that was ready to jump on the surgical strikes wagon now needs to some investigative journalism of their own rather than shouting the matter at the top of their lungs. Recently, the government of India threatened Amazon to remove doormats resembling the Indian tri-color flag from its Canadian website or otherwise they would rescind visas of the U.S. company’s employees if they did not stop selling the product.

The quick open threats and quick action are limited to protecting their flag but Indian soldiers, their flag bearers are okay to suffer. As I’ve said, they need a crash course in priorities.

Now all those who once hailed the Army forces now are divided, whether these allegations are false or are true.

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