Fix It Punjab new mobile app by PITB can resolve public and civic problems

Now the public representatives don’t have to wander around government offices to get the day-to-day problems resolved as Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) new IT solution’s got them covered.

PITB has introduced new mobile application Punjab Fix-It, which will be installed on the mobile phones of the public representatives, including the chairman, deputy chairman and councilors of every union council. Using this application, they can relay and alert the relevant departments about the public and civic problems of their jurisdiction.

According to The News, this new mobile application does all the hard work on the back end leaving the representatives free from the nuisance of visiting the respective department for reporting the problems.

Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, and Adviser to CM said that Punjab Fix-It will help the newly-formed local governments to improve governance and resolve civic issues through technology intervention from the grassroots level in Punjab.

Currently a pilot project, Fix-It can be used to lodge complaint about three departments; Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL), Wasa (Water and Sanitation Agency) and LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company).

According to Faisal Yousaf, Director General (IT Operations) PITB, after the test run is completed, the mobile application will be introduced across Punjab. The software will be available to download from Google Play store for android phones and will also be available for iOs users.

How will it work

The complaint can be lodged through a simple three step process:

  • Selecting the category
  • Taking a picture of the problematic site
  • Adding relevant details and submitting the complaint

The system will automatically take the complaint to the relevant official in the respective department and alert him about the problem. Once the issue is addressed, the complaint’s status will be changed to resolved and the complainant will be notified of the resolved issue.

Fix-It also has an administrative dashboard which can monitor the complaints that has been filed and what is being done to resolve the. This tool will be available to all the high-level government officials.

Different initiatives of PITB like judicial e-stamps, e-learn Punjab etc. it has created digital solutions to the regular issues of the public. Through Fix It, the same objective is hoped to be achieved i.e. providing digital solution to everyday problems.


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