If you have seen the James Bond Movies, Tomorrow Never Dies, you must have remembered the iconic scene in which Pierce Brosnan drives a car with his mobile phone. After almost two decades a Pakistani student has made the scenario possible in real life.

A Pakistani student of mechatronics has developed a portable system to control and drive your car remotely. Mushahid Hussain, the student behind the system, is completing his bachelor’s degree from a university in Karachi. The idea struck him while watching Fast and Furious movie, and he decided to build a system to develop autonomous cars.

It’s not the first time that a Pakistani has developed an autonomous system for a car. Researchers at Mirpur University of Science and Technology have developed Pakistan’s first autonomous vehicle with a collaboration of COMSAT and NUST. However, their Driver-Less Car was different altogether. They created EMO which is an autonomous vehicle, and it’s expensive.

emo car
EMO Autonomous Vehicle. Image: Youtube

Mushahid Hussain’s autonomous system is portable and can be easily fitted in any automatic transmission car. You have the liberty of removing the system and installing it in multiple vehicles.

The Driver-Less Car system is being successfully installed in a Toyota Corolla car, and Mushahid Hussain gave a demo of running the car with the help of an android app. The android app is readily available on the Google Play Store and has the functions like braking, steering, accelerating, and engaging automatic gears. It took 15-20 days to develop the app by working just 2 to 3 hours daily.

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The main benefit of the system is to park the car in the crowded parking spaces. Moreover, if you have a narrow garage and its difficult for you to park your car and then open doors and step outside. This system will help you to steer your car in the garage with your mobile phone and then lock it.

The technology is present in high-tech cars like Toyota Prius. Although the installed mechanism is clumsy, it can easily be refined with the help of investors. Remarkably it cost Mushahid Hussain just Rs 7000 to build the system, and according to him, the cost will even come down if he starts making it on a larger scale.

The system is not autonomous in a sense to judge the road itself and apply brakes or accelerate autonomously as we have seen in other high-tech cars from Tesla, Nio, and others. However, it’s remarkable that a Pakistani student has developed such a system with limited resources and exposure.

Pakistan's First Driver-less Car!

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Posted by ARY Stories on Thursday, 31 January 2019

Future of the auto industry is Driver-Less car and electric vehicles. It’s evident that we have an immense amount of talent. The government needs to come forward and invest in students, and researchers so that we get our share in the rapidly growing technological advancement. Pakistan can export such systems and cars and can earn huge revenues.

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PM Imran Khan is always vocal about the potential of youth and IT exports. It’s high time that government reshape its priorities and invest in the youth so that we have a developed and prosperous Pakistan.