Muhammad Zia

When Jehangir was planning a trip for his boss who was coming to Pakistan from overseas to visit their head office in Islamabad, he carefully planned each and every element with utmost care and responsibility.

From the trip to the office to an exotic dinner at Monal, he made sure everything went perfectly well. Among the stress and the chaos, he never had to worry about one major thing which was decent, reliable and safe rent-a-car service. Why? Because he knew Zia ur Rehman.

Zia ur Rehman is a 39-year-old resident of Rawalpindi who has been running a successful rent-a-car service for the past five years. The company has grown rapidly due to his unwavering work ethic, integrity, and reliability.

He laid the foundation of his business in the 90’s with very limited resources and a landline phone. Currently, he employs eight workers who all are making a useful contribution to the growth of business.

Presently, he is serving more than 100 organizations out of which most are NGOs or Embassies. This might sound too much considering Zia’s fleet of only well-maintained 18 cars, however, for him, technology is his best friend which enables smooth operations and proactive coordination of business transactions. All he needs is a mobile phone and a good internet connection to make this work successfully.

“Thanks to the advent of mobile phone and the rapid rate of adoption of technology in Pakistan I can manage all customer demands, including booking rides to coordinating with drivers and to managing car maintenance services,” says Zia. He is thus available all the time, be it a public holiday or the weekend as his customers eagerly look forward to his services.

This article is authored by Heba Moeen.


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