Mobile Phones customs intelligence

While Pakistan is moving towards a Digital future, the import of gray mobile phones keeps on causing menace in the society by tainting the livelihood of many. Customs that is tasked with the task to stop this epidemic is under crisis itself as mobile phones worth more than Rs. 10 million, are missing from their warehouse, reports City42.

Around 1763 mobile phones of various international brands are missing from the warehouse of customs intelligence and a case has been filed against the Incharge Intelligence Officer Abdul Hameed following the incident.

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The warehouse is located in Allama Iqbal town Lahore where the Customs Intelligence stored the mobile phones after confiscating them in November 2015.

Reportedly, the phones have been sold to CSD stores for around Rs. 1.4 million without asking for or obtaining any prior approval from the relevant authorities. FIR has also been lodged against the former Superintendent Customs Intelligence and a formal investigation has been started.

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This is a very startling news which raises the question whether it is an isolated event or such operations have been going on for years.


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