Mobile phone users may get exemption from telecom taxes

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is seeking further tax payers in order to increase its tax revenue. Mobile phone users who will spend a credit of more than Rs. 4,000 a month will land in the tax radar of FBR. The authorities have fixed a total of Rs. 50,000 annual usage benchmark in this regard.

With the help of telecom operators, FBR has connected 140 million mobile phone users in Pakistan with its online software. The software has been designed to collect the consumption of data of mobile phone users in Pakistan.

The software has the ability to identify mobile phone users against the CNIC no matter how many mobile SIMs they are using.

As we reported earlier, FBR believes that there is are huge number of mobile phone subscribers who have the tendency to file tax return but do not intend to proceed.

FBR’s new drive is meant to swell the taxpayer’s database which only deals with under a million at the moment.

The tax collecting authority has received Rs. 15 billion income tax from the telecom companies during the first 4 months of current fiscal years.

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