Mobilink re-launches the famous Jazz brand

mobilink jazz brand

Mobilink has once again launched the most popular brand of its lifetime – Jazz.

In Pakistan, for many years, the name Jazz was a synonym to mobile phone connection and whoever wanted a cell phone connection would ask for Jazz.

Although, team Mobilink opted for other brand names in later years somehow the past glory has again compelled the company to go for once popular brand name, Jazz.

This time, the approach could be different altogether, what used to be a name for prepaid connections would now be a mother platform for all the brands.

The official communication says that Jazz will be the Umbrella brand which will encapsulate multiple products & services on offer by the Mobilink.

Mobilink currently holds over 38 million cellular subscribers, just 2 million ahead of rival Telenor, which stands at over 36 million.

The competition is equally fierce as far as 3G subscribers are concerned. As per March 2016 statistics, Mobilink has 8.4 million 3G subscribers whereas Telenor is following with 7.6 million subscribers.

Today’s launch coupled with a digital culture that Mobilink team is pursuing for over a year which means lesser expenses and more productivity could give them a required push in the coming months.

mobilink jazz relaunch event
Aamir Ibrahim, CCO & Deputy CEO – Mobilink (5R) along with his team at the re-launch of Jazz

With the powerful slogan ‘Duniya ko Bataa Do’ (‘Let the world know’), CCO & Deputy CEO of Mobilink, Aamir Ibrahim, states, “This is the beginning of a bold new era for us, our consumers, the industry and the entire nation. Jazz was one of Pakistan’s most powerful brands, loved by all, and the time is now right to reintroduce it as Mobilink looks towards the future. Spearheading a digital revolution in the country through our innovative product & service offerings, we have made the decision to make Jazz the face of the company’s digital journey”.

Shahbaz Maqsood, Director Marketing – Mobilink says that “By clubbing all our existing and upcoming innovative product & service offerings under a brand loved by many, we are looking to give our subscribers a sense of belonging for the new horizons we are journeying towards”.

Asif Aziz, CMO – Mobilink, while talking to the media, explained the thinking behind the reintroduction of Jazz having to do with creating a shift in perceptions, “We want to empower our subscribers to go on to conquer their dreams by changing their perceptions about what is possible by utilizing the plethora of digital services on offer by Jazz.

The products & services on offer by Mobilink will now come under Jazz’s umbrella with a change in name but enhanced quality and usability. The re-launch of Jazz heralds a new era in Mobilink’s digital journey with a promise of empowering its customers to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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