Mobilink-Warid merger manifests business opportunities for investors in Pakistan: Ishaq Dar

Ishaq Dar on Mobilink-Warid merger

While talking to the representatives of Abu Dhabi Group, Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar greeted the merger of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink) and Abu Dhabi group of mobile telecommunications limited (Warid Telecom).

Dar stated that the Mobilink-Warid merger was the confirmation of the power gained by Pakistan’s economy and the business possibilities offered by Pakistan to the future investors.

Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan appreciated the stakeholders who provided the facilities for the Mobilink–Warid merger.

He said that the merger of the two leading telecom companies would increase the coverage of the mobile communication services in the country. People living in the remote areas will also benefit from the advanced 3G and 4G-LTE services of the combined companies.

Mobilink-Warid merger will help to introduce new packages

Sheikh Nahyan said that the merger would assist in launching new packages, tariff, and also improve the mobile banking services. Moreover, the combined companies will introduce new apps and value-added offers. According to him, the customer service operations will also be improved with efficient, effortless facilities.

The merger is not only bringing good news for the subscribers who will be able to enjoy the benefits of a larger platform but also it is a lucky omen for Deputy CEO and CCO of the company – Aamir Ibrahim – who has gained more powers while excelling further to the seat of CEO of the organization. The lucky Amir will lead Mobilink as well as Warid as a joint CEO.

As a result of the robust economic policies of the government, the investing has been increased in the Information Technology (ITY) and the telecom sector. This industry is progressing continuously.

According to the sources, the foreign investors who invested in this area belong to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United States (US), and China. Due to the increase in the usage of 3G and 4G-LTE services in Pakistan, the country is actively competing with the developed countries.

On this occasion, Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO VimpelCom, and the Minister of State for Information Technology, Anusha Rehman Khan, were also present. Senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Minister of Information Technology also attended the meeting.

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