model roads to soon end Lahore traffic congestion

Lahoris will soon be rid of annoying traffic jams as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) plans to create a model road in the city.

Under the Candidate pilot project, the Japanese company will be creating a solution to long queues of cars in Lahore to facilitate its citizens. The project will be worth around Rs. 3 billion.

For anyone who lives in Lahore or has ever been there as well they might have observed that how traffic consumes the precious time of consumer. They are stuck on the roads for hours, especially if there is some construction happening like the Orange Line Train.

Traffic condition, even after the construction of new roads, is worsening in Lahore. In addition to the long queues of vehicles, the traffic violations have also been on the rise, especially by Motorcycle owners. There are 24 Traffic law violations in Lahore that result in a penalty in the face of challans.

Several initiatives, like Metro Bus Project and Metro Buses for feeder routes, taken by the Punjab government have given access to cheap public transport. Even then it seems like the cars are rampantly increasing on the roads. Roads have been widened in various parts of Lahore, but seemingly what we need is not wide roads but a smart system.


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