Govt. to introduce modern Rotary Parking System in Lahore

Rotary Parking System in Lahore

A large number of people in Lahore have their own cars and that is why it has become difficult for them to find appropriate places for parking their vehicles. From the large shopping malls to a small juice corner, you will find parking issues almost everywhere in the city.

Moreover, in case a person finds a parking spot for his vehicle, the parking agent charges him with too much fee.  These problems cause difficulties for the large organizations as well as inhabitants. Keeping these issues in mind, the government has decided to install rotary parking system in Lahore.

The new parking system will be established at Ferozepur Road, Ichhra. In this regard, China will provide five rotary machines to the government of Punjab. As we reported earlier, these machines will feature multiple levels for carrying the cars. On each level, twelve cars could be parked and each machine will facilitate hundreds of drivers daily.

It is important to mention that a rotary parking system reduces the space required for parking the cars. It uses an automatic method to pass cars from one level to the other. If this program becomes successful, these machines would be installed at more places in the city.

This project was first announced in February 2016 but the Lahore Parking Company failed to set up the parking machines. Now, the Chief Minister has expressed anger over the delay in installing the setup and ordered the concerned officials to start working on this project.

Last month, CM announced that the road infrastructure in Lahore has been upgraded at the cost of millions of rupees and the officials are working to improve the quality of the traffic system.

He also approved funds worth PKR 100 million for upgrading the traffic system and said that the authorities are taking steps to make the traffic education a part of the syllabus.

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