To curb the illegal alcohol sale and jeep an eye on the distilleries working in Pakistan, Excise Taxation and Narcotic Control Department (ETNCD) plans to introduce a new online system, reports The Express Tribune. The new system will monitor breweries, distilleries, and wine shops.

The project titled Smart Monitoring and Regulation of Distilleries and Breweries aims to check and monitor the complete supply chain of the alcoholic beverages, from production to its sale to the end user.

The online system will be established Rs. 60 million and would considerably reduce the misuse of alcoholic spirits which often leads to disabilities and fatalities among the users.

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Currently, the entire process of granting alcohol or ethanol production license is being done manually. The new system would thus, feature an online application alongside a real-time monitoring system which would help bring transparency to the entire process.

The Excise Department also proposes to bring the records, licenses, and forms related to the alcohol production and sale online as well.

The biggest advantage of creating this online system is that the government would be able to better monitor the distilleries and breweries by checking the production against the raw materials as it will help in checking the production against the supply the alcohol.

The online system will further ensure that only permitted number of units are sold by the companies.