More people use internet on Android than Windows

Android Takeover

It is a milestone for Android as the internet usage from Android devices has crossed that from the Windows desktop for the first time! According to a statistics collecting firm the internet usage from smartphones was 37.93% while 37.91% accessed the internet from Windows.

The difference might be very little for now but it just shows the potential of smart devices to take over the world. The stats were measured by installing tracking codes on more than 2.5 million global sites. These codes determined whether the user is accessing a specific from web or mobile.

Windows vs Android

The Windows has long ruled the scene but has now lost 80% of the internet accessing population since the year 2012. The smartphone industry, however, continues to rise with a 2% rise recorded in 2016 and another 7% predicted in 2017. Smartwatch sales are also expected to rise by 18% by the end of this year.

Moreover, desktop PC sales have also been gradually diminishing since the last five years and are now basically where they were in 2008. Another interesting fact is that a major chunk of the population accessing the internet from Android phone does not belong to the U.S but China and India.

This is bad news for Windows as smartphone companies such as Samsung and Apple, with the introduction of DeX and an iPhone possibly docked inside the MacBook, are now moving towards creating phones as one-stop solutions for all your computing needs as well.

Image Source: Android Authority

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