Increase in sale of Motorbikes in Pakistan

The Motorbike industry in Pakistan has seen a record sale in the last seven months amounting to PKR 38 million. The reason for this aforementioned increase in sales; the poor condition of public transport.

The sale of motorbikes has seen a 21 percent increase between July 2016 and January 2017. 9 lac and 33 thousand motorbikes have been sold in the last seven months as compared to the sale of 7 lac and 70 thousand bikes in the same tenure last year.

In 2016, Pakistan produced around 2 million motorbikes and around 46pc of the sales were credited by the Japenese brand, Atlas Honda.

The rising rate of motorbike sale points towards the future burden or load on the roads. The substandard quality of public transport forces people to chose the alternative option of owning their personal vehicle, which can prove to be expensive for the government as well in the future.

The burden of traffic on the roads lead to congestion, the much regular maintenance of the roads, etc. which can lead to the financial burden.

Also, in a country where traffic laws are broken the most by the motorbike riders, an increase in motorcycles may not be a positive thing. More than eighty thousand challans were served to the motorcycle riders in just one month in Lahore.


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