National Institute of Health (NIH) has launched a mobile application to curb the diseases that spread due to mosquitoes.

The Android app, Mosquito Alert, is designed to aware the masses and drive a campaign against mosquitoes. Moreover, the main functionality of the app is that users can now report the public areas having mosquitoes along with the pictures.

Vector mosquito is responsible for diseases like Malaria and Dengue where it poses severe threats to the citizens and even can take lives. The growth of mosquitoes can easily be diminished by removing garbage and stagnant water.

Although the app has been launched, there are lags and bugs which are not fixed before its inception. Furthermore, one can have a headache downloading the app as its a cumbersome process. At the moment, unfortunately, it looks like the app has been launched half cooked.

How to Download the App

Mosquito alert app

For now, you cant access the app by searching the Google Play store. Follow this step by step guide to download the app.

  1. Visit on your desktop.
  2. Now, click “Download App”
  3. Attach your mobile phone with a laptop/desktop.
  4. Now copy the .apk file.
  5. Open “File Manager” on your mobile phone.
  6. Search for the “mos-alert.apk
  7. Install the file.

For now, when we try to open the link on our mobile phone browser, it crashes, making it impossible to download the app. No doubt that the development of an app to aware the citizens is a commendable step, but it needs to be efficient.

The institution should resolve the issues related to the Mosquito Alert app and also make sure that good and timely information is there for the citizens.