Find Out the Most Searched Auto Company in Pakistan in 2017

Was your favorite auto company searched the most in Pakistan?

Auto Company in Pakistan

2017 has been quite an interesting year for the auto industry as many new international automakers are making its way to the Pakistani market.

Currently, the auto market is being ruled by three companies Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota. Let’s see which auto company in Pakistan was searched the most by the people this year with the help of Google Trends.

Auto companies in Pakistan
Comparison of Auto Companies in Pakistan

Looking at the graph, it is easy to say that Honda is officially the most searched auto company in Pakistan, followed by Suzuki and lastly we have Toyota.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough data to effectively compare all the new auto companies coming into Pakistan but we tried to compare the search interest of these companies in this year and following is the result of the few seconds of hard work (all hail the internet).

New auto companies Pakistan
Comparison of Upcoming Auto Companies in Pakistan

In the above graph, we can see that KIA Motors has with quite some heavy lead has beaten others to become the most searched auto company in Pakistan that is looking to start car assembly in the country. Hyundai clearly got the second place whereas the rest are all intermingled with each other.

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