Mobile Wallet in pakistan

Mobile Wallet in Pakistan or mobile banking is the new way of doing financial transactions where people prefer services like Easypaisa to send and receive money across the country, pay utility bills, do online shopping etc.

It is fact well known that if anyone wants to acquire any information, they’ll just have to type a related word in the Google search. So, in order to see what the popular mobile wallets have been through in the year 2017, we compared them using Google Trends which showed us the search interest of Pakistani throughout the year.

Mobile Wallets in Pakistan
Comparison of Mobile Wallets in Pakistan

Easypaisa is the clear winner in this category. UBL Omni and JazzCash remained close to each other while the Upaisa clearly was the least searched mobile wallet in Pakistan.

Easypaisa this year said goodbye to Telenor Pakistan and became a part of Tameer bank which is now called Telenor Microfinance Bank. Throughout the year, we have seen many new services offered by the mobile wallet like a virtual debit card, the facility to draw pension using the Easypaisa service etc.

On the other hand, JazzCash also stepped up the game by allowing users to pay for Railway ticket, Daewoo bus ticket using their service. It also won GSMA GLOMO Award 2017 for empowering the women in the country.

You can also see which telecom company was searched the most in Pakistan in 2017 by clicking here.


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