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A self-portrait photograph or commonly known as Selfie is an international phenomenon where only a lucky few have managed to stay away from it.

The task of taking a Selfie has been infused in our daily lives and has also become a part of our pop-culture which makes people do stupid things.

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The Internet is the “IT” spot to share these awesome, silly or downright stupid pictures and for your viewing pleasure, we have compiled the list of some of the most viral selfies that shook the internet.

Where the country leaders at?

We are starting off with our list with none other than Pakistani journalist Javed Chaudhary who has a knack of taking a selfie with the world leaders at the perfect time.

Whether it is catching PM Nawaz Sharif and then Chief of Army Staff Raheel Shareef or a meeting with a foreign leader, this guy created a social media frenzy with his pictures.

javed chaudhary selfie 2 viral selfies

javed chaudhary selfie viral selfies

javed chaudhary selfie 1 viral selfies

Oscar Breakdown

I am sure that we all remember that crazy Oscar selfie by Ellen DeGeneres which broke the internet in just a matter of minutes.

oscar selfie viral selfies

Oh My Space!

Taking selfies is too mainstream on Earth and these astronauts have one-upped their fellow humans by taking the game to the outer space.

astronaut selfie viral selfies

space selfie viral selfies

outer space selfie viral selfies

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Royal Photobomb

Throughout our selfie taking life, many of us have been a victim of a few photobombs but I am sure it’s never been a royal affair

queen selfie viral selfies

Why God?

Christ Redeemer, an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most iconic monuments in the world but some people take their excitement way too far.

christ redeemer selfie viral selfies

christ redeemer selfie 1 viral selfies

Downright Stupid

Leave it to people to take the innocent action of taking a picture and pull some crazy stupid stunts to please the social media gods and creating viral selfies

russian model selfie viral selfies

tall building selfie viral selfies

volcano selfie viral selfies

Shark Selfie viral selfies

skytop selfie viral selfies

bull selfie viral selfies


The classic combo of Spiderman (Tom Holland) and Selfie coming right up

spiderman selfie viral selfies

Up in the Air

Flying a plane? Major opportunity to take viral selfies

plane selfie viral selfies

Panorama Curse

That horrible moment when you sneeze while taking a panorama selfie

siamese twin selfie viral selfies


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