This Mothers Day, Ufone was the only company to touch the hearts of Pakistanis

Ufone Mothers day campaign

Has Ufone gone mad? We live in a time when glamor sells a brand’s products, be it a cellular SIM, mobile phone or a biscuit. We need our regular dose of beautiful dancing figures telling us to try their product but this telecom company is surprisingly moving in a different direction by bringing forward their actual customers and highlighting their daily life.

In a world where terms like corporate social responsibility and devotion to the customers have lost their true meaning, a telecom brand in Pakistan portrays the real moments that make their insights unique. Ufone which was once widely accepted because of its hilarious commercials took a 360-degree turn last year when it showcased real-life heroes and their real stories.

This Mothers Day, it didn’t disappoint the customers as it recorded the real life accounts of the real customers who walked into their care centers and the end product is a beautiful and heart touching video title “Ammi ki Batain.”

Although many would argue that a love of a mother should be celebrated every day but we reserve 14th May to pay tribute to the loving soul who brought us into this world. The Chinese telecom company, Zong also made an attempt to pay tribute on this prestigious day but it failed to strike a cord with us as the whole thing looked like a documented video.

Telenor Pakistan shared their video message through Facebook as well but it lacked interaction with the actual customers. This minor detail is what makes Ufone stand out amongst the other telecom companies. Instead of people dancing in a rhythm, we were introduced with Fazal Mohammad, a 21-year-old footballer hailing from the Khuzdar region of Balochistan, Hayat Achakzai, a boxer from Quetta, Humaira Anjum; a self-made culinary business owner in Pakistan etc.

Through their new marketing approach, the telecom company is creating a dialogue with those people who bring in the actual revenue for them. Billions of rupees are collected every year from the customers, as they the companies collect 37 percent of taxes from us and Ufone since last year has made us realize how many hidden inspirational stories are living in this amazing country, making us proud to be a Pakistani.

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