Motorbike Ambulances; Punjab Government responds to bad healthcare

Motorbike Ambulance as a health reform

Punjab government is back with a bang. This time it is going to introduce a new health care service, Motorbike Ambulance. According to C42, Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef has approved the new service by granting permission for 100 motorbikes that will provide emergency services.

The government’s idea behind motorcycle ambulance is to quickly reach any person who is sick or injured which is sometimes difficult because of narrow or congested streets. The motorbike ambulance will each have two first aid and emergency kit to provide relief to the sick. Though the scheme if properly executed will benefit the masses but considering the current healthcare management situation the problem can be resolved by implementing better health practices at district health centres and teaching people about basic first aid.

Once again PML-N introduces a scheme that can provide no primary benefit to the actual people whatsoever. In simple terms, Motorbike Ambulance is the new Dolphin Force, big on the show but useless in serving its purpose The same government who instead of working on improving the conditions of existing public hospitals boldly announced last month that they plan to open 50 new hospitals. Our Prime Minister announced this in a health cards distribution ceremony for the poor, and you have guessed it right, the same one where he got emotional by imagining the hardships of a common man to get primary health care benefits.

This scheme is being presented by the same Punjab government that acted as bystanders on recent young doctors strike at Mayo Hospital. The strike that happened to kill a cardiac patient because the hospital’s emergency was closed and also a minor because of the absence of doctors in the hospital.

The Punjab government is adamant in its behaviour of not paying any attention to the health sector, as anyone who has been to Jinnah Hospital can attest to the fact that you always come back feeling sicker than before. The adverse conditions of hospitals, inadequate hospital emergency, inefficient ambulance system, futile district health care centres and lack of programs to teach people about basic first aid, are the real issues that need to be addressed.

If Punjab government wants to bring the real change they need to first analyse the current requirements of the people. They can start with improving local dispensaries and health care centres by issuing the required funds and skilled team that can provide the necessary health care. Also, effectual checks should be established to make sure people are getting the provided benefit. The public hospitals should be upgraded with the latest medical instruments and facilities, where everyone can get a fair and equal benefit. Lastly, the most important thing is to

The most important thing that government can do is instil the sentiment of humanity in the overall sector. Edhi is the prime example of that sentiment, where they don’t have a multimillion organisation but has always helped anyone who has been a victim of any tragedy. Doctors, paramedics and nurses are in the profession of saving lives and need to be reminded of that sanctity of their profession.

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