Motorola register .pk domain for Pakistan, where are Samsung and Huawei?

Motorola Pakistanlaunches webiste

Motorola, as we reported earlier is introducing three models of smartphones Moto Z, Moto Z Paly and Moto M in Febuarary and now the company has finally confirmed its presence. Although Motorola hasn’t officially launched, but they have shown their commitment to the Pakistanis with registering their new website with the (dot)pk domain.

With this small gesture, Motorola has shown its attachment and dedication to the people of Pakistan. Big international brands like Samsung and Huawei who have a strong presence in Pakistan do not have a (dot)pk domain. They use /pk in the URLs to direct us to a web page dedicated to the mobile users of Pakistan.

Many big brands when expanding into a larger territory adopt their domain like Amazon has (dot)in web domain, which makes the decision by Motorola a refreshing one. Through this move, they’ve shown that they are willing to create a bond with the consumers in Pakistan rather than focus on selling mobile phones.

Samsung and Huawei who have dominated the Pakistani market would surely be sincere in their commitment to the citizens of Pakistan, but the action does speak louder than words. Recently Huawei has reduced the prices of some of its best-selling smartphones and Samsung along with smartphones has introduced Knox Enterprise Solutions in Pakistan. Still, the new website by Motorola makes us feel more proud as a nation as it is recognizing its consumer’s identity and is proud to represent itself with the same name.

Web sites of Companies in India

Here are some big international names who launched their digital presence in India with (dot)in website domain.

  • Yahoo: in(dot)yahoo(dot)com
  • eBay: ebay(dot)in
  • Amazon: amazon(dot)in
  • Sony: sony(dot)co(dot)in

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