Guidance centers N5 highways

Don’t you feel tired after traveling for hours on a highway and dream about taking a break from the relentless driving? Now, facilitating the tired commuters, modern guidance centers have been established on national highways in the major cities of N-5 Central Zone in Renala Khurd, Sahiwal, Mianchanu, Khanewal and Ahmad Pur East.

Taking a step towards community policing, the new guidance center aims to provide convenience to the commuters and portray a friendly image of national highways & motorway police. People can use these centers to take a break during long journeys and relax.

Apart from providing a much-needed break, the guidance centers will also be used for reporting lost/found children and lost/found luggage on the national highway. Some other features of these centers include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Waiting halls
  • Play place, swings, and toys for children
  • Internet facility
  • Beverages

The commuters can also seek these centers for information regarding nearest available auto workshops, fuel/gas station tire shop, rescue service, hospital, police station, airport, railway station, bus stand, etc.

Road Safety

Traffic and road safety is one of the biggest challenges in Pakistan where brushes them off and neglects them. National highways & motorway police through this initiative also aim to guide and educate people about road safety through various videos and would also display pamphlets, brochure, leaflets, penna flaxes and streamers for awareness of road users.


Central Zone has recently initiated Road Safety School Orientation Program (RSSOP) for school children of primary and middle-class students whose focal point would be the newly established Guidance Centers. RSSOP aims to further consolidate public friendly policing of NH&MP.

Teaching road safety to the young is a sure way to enlighten the children about the horrors of neglecting such rules and safety measures. Even Punjab government is introducing traffic safety course as part of primary education.

RSSOP would inculcate the importance of observing road safety rules in the minds of children, which undoubtedly equates with saving lives. This program will include various fun activities to teach road safety education in an entertaining mode where children would learn as well as enjoy.

The RSSOP would include:

  • Specially designed/dubbed rhymes
  • Short documentaries
  • Road safety sense,
  • Orientation with traffic signs,
  • Traffic rules appropriate for children
  • Inclusion of traffic safety in textbook curriculum

This program will provide all the necessary knowledge and skills for future car drivers and motorcycle riders to drive safely on roads. It also aims to reach the parents using the method of “Reverse Socialization” where children will tell their elders about traffic sense, signs and road safety rules and would check them if they violate them.

Medical Facility

These guidance centers can offer immense help in the case of an emergency where people can ask for information regarding blood bank and blood donors. Information regarding Blood groups of NH&MP officers/officials will be available on Blood Data Bank.

A free medical camp with trained paramedical staff would also be arranged for drivers to promote the safety of drivers and passengers through promulgation and implementation of medical checks. The guidance centers will also feature a first aid counter where minor injured persons/ill persons got treatment.

The guidance centers will also feature a first aid counter, where minor injured persons/ill persons got treatment, ambulances, and life-saving medicines.

This article is authored by Imran Shah, Public Relations Officer, National Highway & Motorway Police.


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