According to the latest report, hackers are active in Punjab. A new kind of virus called Mouse Hack is a threat to different provincial departments. The government of Punjab has ordered the authorities to secure their data.

Secret agencies have informed all the provincial departments in Punjab to secure their digital data. The agencies have warned that there is a possibility of the data theft in Punjab and authorities need to take serious steps to prevent this.

According to the intelligence agencies, Mouse Hack is a new kind of virus, which can be used to steal the digital data of the government offices. Dr. Umar Saif – the Chairperson Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) confirmed the existence of the particular virus in Punjab, but noted that not all departments and companies are at risk of data theft.

About Mouse Hack virus

Mouse Hack is a virus that can hack the computer mouse and control the computer the way the hackers want.

According to a report, wireless keyboards and mouse are more vulnerable to security. The hackers can get all the information of a computer and track the keys that the user presses.

The wireless mouse uses unencrypted methods of transferring the information. The lack of encrypted communication allows the cyber-criminals even to transmit their own malicious keystrokes.

“If you have a wireless mouse, I can attach and impersonate a wireless keyboard and arbitrarily send it any commands I want to your computer,” Chris Rouland, founder of a security firm Bastille told a news agency.

As we reported earlier, no one is safe in the cyberspace. Last month, a Saudi-based hacking group claimed responsibility of hacking social media accounts of Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. So, if tech giant’s CEO isn’t safe from data-theft, none else will be.