Mozilla Firefox to stop supporting Adobe Flash Player from August

Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox

Watching live videos on the internet, playing online games, and streaming the music on the web are the precious gifts of the Adobe Flash Player. But sometimes, this plugin results in the errors in performance and other kinds of security problems in the web browsers. Keeping all this in view, Mozilla Corporation has decided to block the Flash player on its Firefox web browser.

Starting from August 2016, Mozilla Firefox will not support the popular Adobe Flash Player. It is to be recalled that Google also announced recently that its Chrome web browser would soon stop supporting the Flash player.

Mozilla Corporation is working with its team to reduce the need for Flash content in daily internet activities. According to the company, by blocking Flash player, Mozilla Firefox will be improved. The battery life of the laptops will also be increased, the web pages will load faster, and the entire application will become easy to use. However, if a user wants to use the Flash player, he/she would be able to use it by clicking on an option, which will be provided in the app. By default, the Flash Player functionality will remain inactive.

Over the past few years, Mozilla Firefox is researching in developing Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to replace services that were previously offered only by plugins. The Web APIs include the functionalities such as audio/video streaming, enhanced 3D graphics, and hardware access. Most of the modern websites are switching from plugin-based technologies to the web-based technologies. It has resulted in the stability of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Major sites now use the HTML5 format instead of the Adobe Flash Player to stream the online content. According to the data shared by the company, when people watch movies or listen to their favourite music on YouTube using the HTML5, the Firefox web browser performs more actively. On the other hand, if people use Flash player to watch the YouTube videos, this web browser sometimes crashes.

Mozilla Corporation has also hinted that it is working on a new kind of web browser, which will look and feel almost nothing like Firefox. The company revealed that it has the plan to launch a new web browser, based on an open-source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code.

The company says that it will play its role in encouraging the website owners to use the Web APIs instead of plugins. The Firefox web browser will stop crashing, and the issues of freezing will also be decreased by up to ten percent. For the ease of the users, the company will currently block only a limited number of Flash services. The content which can be easily accessed by the alternatives of Flash player is currently in focus.

Mozilla Firefox wants websites to use HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash Player

Mozilla has recommended the companies who are still using the Adobe Flash Player to start using the modern methods of streaming the content. It has also requested the online gaming services to stop using the Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash Player at earliest possible time. According to the team Mozilla, The new changes are part of their ongoing attempts to make web browsing safer, easier and faster without killing the valuable services that its users enjoy.

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Mozilla is working on many other features that will make Firefox the best web browser ever. Mozilla Firefox is the second largest web browser after Google Chrome. The company is facing many challenges from the Chrome web browser. Just a few years ago, Firefox was the most widely used web browser.

Earlier in March, Mozilla announced that it would not release any security updates or any other critical updates for old Android smartphones. The users of this app will have to upgrade their old Android smartphones to the modern version of Android.

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