Mystery of how we lose socks in washing machine solved, thanks to science

Reason for losing socks are found

The science has spoken, and it has the answer to the question “Why our socks  keep getting lost in the wash?” The study commissioned by Samsung for the launch of their new innovative washing machine showed that Brits lose an average of 1.3 socks each month and more than 15 in a year which is a lot of mismatched sock days.

The science came to the rescue of all wondering souls who could never figure out where their pairs of sock go. The Sock Formula derived from the theory is:

Sock loss index = (L+C)-(P x A)

Where  L stands for Laundry size, W stands for Washing complexity; P stands for Positivity towards doing laundry and A stands for Degree of Attention.

Sock Facts
Facts from Socks Research

The primary reasons for losing socks include:

Diffusion of responsibility (“someone else has it covered”)

We neglect our task thinking and hoping that someone else go that covered.

Visual awareness (“heuristics”)

Heuristics- the mental problem-solving shortcuts where we only look at the easiest places while looking for our beloved socks.

Confirmation bias

We convince us that there is no such thing as an odd pair of socks and thus are okay with a mismatched pair.

Behavioural errors of omission and commission

The human errors and mistakes in the wash cycle come under two behaviours, omission and commission. Omission where we fail to put our pair of the sock at itsright place and commission where we do something that we shouldn’t like kicking a sock out of sight.


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