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How mySugr app Can Help Diabetic Patients in Pakistan

Data logging for diabetic patients in Pakistan is a fuss, and those who go through this painful process of maintaining it have to be on their toes to make it a habit. Don’t worry, mySugr app can be a real lifesaver.

You no longer need to maintain a manual log of your sugar levels and carry around a notepad to save the record.

mySugr app works like MAGIC…yes! It can automate the entire process of keeping track of your blood glucose readings. Not only this, the app can also maintain a record of your food, medication, and activity.

It can convert the data into beautiful reports that you can download and present to your healthcare provider or the doctor, Whatsapp/email them, or get a printout.

How mySugr app works?

  • You can install the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • You need Accu-Chek® Instant meter for connecting it with the installed app through a Bluetooth connection.
  • Once integrated well, the process is smooth as cake. The Accu-Check meter will automatically transmit data to your phone whenever you check blood sugar levels.
  • You can customize each entry as per your needs.
  • You can also connect GoogleFit or AppleHealth for tracking and saving your fitness data by just pairing devices.

mySugr app has a free version suitable for most needs, but the pro version offers some extra features to make life more comfortable.

With around 3 million downloads across the world, the app has been launched for Pakistani diabetic patients.

Former Pakistani Cricketer Wasim Akram, the Accu-Chek’s ambassador for over two decades, also endorsed the smart diabetes management app. According to him, it is an innovative solution and a great initiative to make the lives of diabetic patients easier.

mySugr app provides daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly diabetes data. It also compiles smart and clear blood glucose graphs and provides a detailed report that can be shared with doctors via WhatsApp or email.

Actively managing your sugar does not have to get in the way of the things you love, and it does not have to take over your life. In fact, not taking diabetes seriously is much more likely to have that effect. Why not start taking steps to protect your health while you’re still feeling great?

If you want to know more about this mySugr app, visit the following link

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