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Nabeel A Qadeer, the director or the ex-director exits Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). While most of us now know him as the face and driving force behind Idea Croron Ka, we are not sure what his future plans include.

Although, we are curious to find out what he steps into but we have seen Nabeel grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem when people use to laugh at idea of incubators for startups. In fact, people didn’t even know about startups when Nabeel Qadeer started promoting this notion. One after the other he initiated projects at PITB. Let’s take a look at his 5 years journey at PITB.

Important milestones achieved:
Nov 2012 – Laid down the foundation to Plan9
March 2013 – Initiated Network Partnership Program
2014 – Owing to the success of Plan9, he was promoted as the Joint Director at PITB
2014 – Initiated PlanX – Tech Accelerator
2014 – Started TechHub Connected
2014 – Laid down the foundation for WhizKids Program
2015 – Project Manager ATX+PAK Exchange Program
2015 – Grew TechHub to TechHub Connect
2016 – Promoted to Director Entrepreneurship at PITB
2016 – Started Herself – an initiative to empower women
2016 – Began e-Rozgaar – training centers for freelancers
2017 – Secured a $20 million fund between PITB and 1839 Ventures, Austin

Rumour has it that he might start his own entrepreneurial venture apart from driving Idea Croron Ka. However, only time will tell where he goes but we wish him the very best for his future endeavours and hope that he continues to run the show Idea Croron Ka as that was one thing that made entrepreneurship mainstream.

We can only imagine something amazing since it’s Nabeel A Qadeer we are talking about.

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Good news must have reply of five W’s and one ‘H’… But here at least one ‘W’ is missing and that’s ‘Why’?