Nabeel Shaukat's lively performance at Huawei Live

Nabeel Shaukat grabs the attention of youth due to his energetic performances in Huawei Live. The star made his appearance in the nationwide musical contest of Huawei with his debut performance at Iqra University. The overwhelming response of the youngsters made the rising star of Pakistani music industry to exhibit his talent at MAJU (Muhammad Ali Jinnah University).

An atmosphere of excitement was observed in the MAJU with rocking performance of Nabeel Shaukat Ali, the students showed their enthusiasm and interest by actively taking part in the Huawei live’s event. They made videos, shared their experiences and loved to have their favourite celebrity among them.

Nabeel is one of the three judges at the event that aims at finding the new talent in music under the shadow of “The Voice of Huawei Live 2016”.

The other two judges are Ali Sethi and Amanat Ali.

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The most important thing about Nabeel’s performance is that he took the shape of mini concert with a huge crowd cheering and singing songs in harmony with the singer. This fact also shows that in the quest to look for the new talent in music, Huawei Live has also succeeded in creating an atmosphere of entertainment and fun.

Nabeel Shaukat's lively performance at Huawei Live

it is evident from Nabeel’s performance at university that the youngsters are keen to promote a culture of entertainment. During the event, they kept on asking for more and more and didn’t respond warmly to the announcement of event’s closing.

The success of Huawei Live is depicted in the fact that students wait for hours for their turn in audition.


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