The alleged failure of RTS (Result Transmission System) has although been denied by NADRA in the past, but shortly after, the authority initiated a probe to look into the matter which submitted its preliminary report to the Election Commission of Pakistan, today.

The report states that the RTS did not face any technical fault which could hinder the transmission of polling results. Among other reasons which made the process look ambiguous, one was the absence or poor service of the 3G/4G network.

Moreover, the polling staff authorized to use the system were not tech-savvy enough i.e. they lacked the necessary skills to comprehend the software which resulted in the whole ordeal.

The report clarified that neither did the RTS affect compiling the results for any constituency directly or indirectly nor is there any similarity between the Result Transmission System (RTS) and Result Management System (RMS).

General Elections 2018 have been controversial in many ways where some political parties have been complaining to get their political agents thrown out of the stations. While some were complaining about the delay in electoral results which was caused by the RTS.

An ECP spokesperson clarified that the general elections were held in a fair and transparent manner across the country and that no substantial evidence of any wrongdoing had been received by the commission.