Do you have a Smart Computerized National Identity Card (SNIC)? Ever wondered what the benefit of carrying a SNIC over a standard CNIC is? Unfortunately, for now, it’s just a waste of money, and there is no added advantage of having a chip-based electronic identity card.

Reportedly, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been earning billions since the launch of SNIC. The authority has tricked the citizens to adopt a so-called featured packed identity card when there is no functionality of this modern card whatsoever in Pakistan.

According to a report by 24 news, a local channel, there is not a single smart card reader deployed in the country. Nadra charges Rs. 750 for a new SNIC while a new CNIC is available free of cost. Note here that the authority used to take Rs. 2500 for the smart card until last year.

Smart SNIC was launched in 2012, and the authority published many ads in the print media bragging about the 36 security features of the card. Although SNIC carries those features, there is no benefit of those features for an ordinary citizen.

The government had announced that they would integrate the Smart National Identity Card, SNIC with other documents in the country like driving license, car registration card/book, income tax, and health card. However, not a single integrated facility has been extended to the citizens until now.

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When the local channel tried to contact the Nadra administration, they refused to comment on the ongoing funny business by the authority. What’s your opinion about the current situation of Nadra and SNIC? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.