Nayatel NFi gives internet access in every corner of your office

Nayatel NFi
Nayatel NFi image:Nayatel

Islamabad-based broadband solutions provider Nayatel has introduced NFI service, a better Wi-Fi service for its customers. With Nayatel NFi service, wireless access points are provided and installed by Nayatel. A team of experts will manage the connection and monitor the complete network.

The service is created for the business users. Nayatel NFi comes with a pack of devices. The team installs these devices in your office, and you get the wireless internet access in every area of your office.

It comes with the Centralized Access point (AP) controller for efficient Access Points(AP) management, supports multiple SSID per Access Point(AP) with multi-VLAN mapping. You can also adjust the WiFi coverage area as per requirement.

Other features of NayaTel NFi:

  • Auto roaming(soft handoff), no need to disconnect reconnect during Access Point(AP) switching
  • Statistical information (faulty Access Points(AP), top SSID and user in terms of usage)
  • Coverage area up to 45 feet/AP (varies from site to site depending upon construction material)
  • 6 MIMO antennas with 25dBm transmit power
  • Remote and centralized policy management, no need to define policy for each Access Points(AP)
  • High-speed dual-band (2.4 GHz/5Ghz) supports up to 450Mbps
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity

The service charges of Nayatel NFi are Rs. 3000 per access point. Internet charges are not included in this price plan. 16% tax is applicable as per government rules.

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