NED University creates Pakistan’s first VR-based lab, The Grid!

The Grid lab by NED University

For the first time in Pakistan, a university has created a Virtual Reality (VR)-based laboratory, called The Grid. The students can use this lab to learn practically the working of any engineering.

As per details, the NED University of Engineering and Technology has established a media laboratory for the Virtual Reality (VR). This lab helps the students in gaining the practical knowledge about different kinds of engineering works such as the extraction of petroleums from the ground.

The VR in The Grid uses the high-quality 3D software, called Unity 3D for creating enhanced 3D environment for the students. Mohsin Yousufi, a former student of Petroleum Engineering Department (PED), who is now a lecturer at the department, has created this lab. According to him, students from any department of the university can use the services of The Grid.

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The future of Information Technology (IT) is the Virtual Reality. A lot of companies that manufacture the smartphones or computers are now interested in making the VR devices. These kind of devices, such as VR headsets make people feel as if they are actually on the spot where the scenes look not only real but amazing.

The VR devices will introduce state-of-the-art technology in the field of education and will help the students in learning the things practically. Recently, Netsol Technologies conducted its 2nd Throw-A-Thon, a hackathon in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The event was a huge success with around 200 participants from all over Pakistan who showcased their innovative ideas revolving around entrepreneurship and virtual reality.

On the other hand, online video sharing services like YouTube also allow their users to enjoy the videos in 360° and VR style with spatial audio. We can say that VR is the future of all the digital devices that we use today, and Pakistan is also progressing in this field.

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