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Apple has announced new products for its users in the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016, which is organized annually by Apple to showcase new software, ideas, and technologies. In case you missed the live streaming of the conference, here are the main announcements made this year at Apple WWDC.

The company has announced the major upgrade for all of its operating systems including the iOS, MacOS, TvOS, and WatchOS. Apple has renamed its OS-X as MacOS. It announced the iOS 10, the latest version of its mobile operating system.

iOS 10

The new version of iOS will come with a fantastic new layout for the Maps app. The Siri voice assistant will now support even more apps. In new iOS 10, the users will be able to send a message in their handwriting. The message will look like it’s written on real paper, the users will be able to experience an animation of the ink, virtually coming out from the message.

New features announced for Apple Watch

Apple also announced new features for its smartwatch. A new update to its software will enhance its speed of managing all the tasks efficiently. An emergency alert service will also be added to the watch, which will instantly share the location details and other information about the user to the emergency numbers once the user presses a particular button.

Siri is coming to desktop

The new version of MacOS (formerly OS-X) is named as Sierra. The Siri app will support the Sierra version of the MacOS. Users will be able to use the virtual assistant in the Mac, just like they do in their iPhones.

Other announcements made at Apple WWDC

Apple has announced a universal clipboard. It’s a cloud-based clipboard for all the devices made by Apple. Once a user copies something using this clipboard, the item goes into the iCloud. The user can paste the copied item to any of the Apple devices.

New tv channels are announced for Apple Tv. Apple Pay is coming to the desktop very soon. The Safari web browser will also be updated in the coming weeks.

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