Netflix can now show videos without Internet; Here’s how

Netflix now has offline playback feature

Don’t have the Internet and want to watch your favourite TV series?No worries Netflix has a solution as videos on its site can be viewed offline now. The company announced it today that it is introducing a new offline playback feature that will allow the users to watch their streaming videos without worrying about data charges and bad connection.

Netflix new feature is the response of their customers’ demand for being able to watch their favourite videos and series without the internet. With offline playback, the users can now binge watch the select shows wherever they are. The company’s product innovation chief Eddy Wu in a blog post said:

“While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we’ve often heard they also want to continue their ‘Stranger Things’ binge while on aeroplanes and other places where the internet is expensive or limited.”

The content can be downloaded in a very simple way. All one has to do is click the download button on the film or TV series details page and enjoy the luxury of viewing whenever they want. Netflix has expanded its operation worldwide with more than 86 million members and is trying to get its massive database available for download.

It’s not yet confirmed that how much of the videos would be available offline as it is still in discussion with the copyrights owners. But let us know below in the comments which show you’re looking forward to having the download feature.

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