iflix in Pakistan

After months of speculation, the Netflix rival iflix, a Malaysian Internet service for streaming TV shows and movies is set to launch officially next week but goes live today (Monday).

The users of the streaming service can watch all the movies and TV shows present on the company’s database. iflix will be charging from PKR 300 or 2800 per month after a free trial of one month and promises to feature more local content for the viewers.

After the advent of 3G and 4G technologies the internet access to the common man has been intensified. According to PTA, the number of internet subscription has risen at the rate of over 900% with 3.8 million subscriptions in 2013-14 to  38 million by the end of October 2016.

The rising rate with which internet has influenced the lives of all can be seen with the increasing boom of e-commerce, where we now have online stores and a mobile application for everything whether it is a taxi service or for providing security to women. Such trends show that we are ready for taking a break from TV and watch our beloved shows on our terms. The company has also signed a deal with Hum TV for the same purpose of providing local content.

The company thinks that their biggest challenge is piracy reported The Tribune because it’s easy and cost effective to use torrents. But, iflix aims to provide an alternative that is affordable and user-friendly. The users can also download the shows for later viewing, an option recently introduced by Netflix too.

For payment mechanism, the company is in talks with the cellular mobile operators as they want to provide an option to users of paying through mobile credit apart from traditional channels. Each iflix subscription would be available for five devices, but it would only support simultaneous streams on two of those at any point in time.

Pakistan is the eighth country where the company has introduced its service and it promises hundreds of shows and movies for viewing to its customers. With Netflix already working in Pakistan, it will be interesting how the two will fight for the market of internet streaming excellence in the country.


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