carry mobile phone

If you are traveling to another country and a friend asks you to carry mobile phone in your luggage as a favor, will you say yes?

Well, if you’re smart, the first word that should come out of your mouth should be NO. It is very dangerous to carry a package or even packed mobile phone box anywhere without looking at the contents yourself. Watch the below video to see why:

Authorities present at Dubai airport arrested a passenger who was allegedly helping a friend by carrying two iPhones which he was supposed to handover to a designated person. Unfortunately, there was no phone in any of the boxes rather he was transporting drugs.

Let us remind you that Dubai carries a death penalty for drugs trafficking and every other country has a very harsh sentence for anyone caught transporting the prohibited items especially drugs in their country.

Many people nowadays carry mobile phone for their friends sometimes to save them from paying taxes but it is indeed very dangerous as a person can never know if they are smuggling the mobile phone or something else entirely.

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