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This App Verifies Your Identity Card and Family Tree

A few months ago, the government of Pakistan announced that every citizen should re-verify his/her Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC). Now, to simplify the process of the re-verification, a Pakistani software company AraeinApps has launched an app called “NADRA Family Tree Verify free.”

Identity Card verification app Screenshot
Screenshot of CNIC verification app

This app allows you to verify your CNIC easily by just entering the CNIC number and hitting the “Send” button. The app sends your CNIC number to 8008, which is the official number introduced by NADRA for the verification of the CNIC.

Overall, this app is not very useful. Because you can easily send an SMS to 8008 without downloading this app.

To verify your identity card via SMS, simply type your CNIC number and send it to 8008. You will get a list of the names that belong to your family tree. If you see the name of any irrelevant person in the list, you can reply with “1” to alert the authorities. If the list is correct, reply with “2” The charges of sending the SMS to 8008 are Rs. 2+tax.

If you prefer downloading the app, click here. This app uses an SMS service for verifying your CNIC and therefore requires mobile balance to work.

The interior minister has also approved a reward scheme for the general public who would help Nadra in identifying CNIC issued to aliens, either through SMS, calls, or personal reporting by individuals in any of Nadra’s centers across Pakistan.

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