“Oombrella” is a new kind of umbrella which will automatically alert you whether it’s going to rain or not. Never worry about forgetting your umbrella again because the device will remind you fifteen minutes before the rain starts. This gadget connects to Wezzoo, a weather forecasting company, based in Paris. The price of this device is $85, which is about 8,000 PKR.

How Oombrella works

Oombrella alerts you fifteen minutes before the rain by sending you a text message on your mobile phone. It says, “Hey, it’s going to rain in fifteen minutes, so you better take me with you.”

It uses humidity sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, and data from social networking websites to check the weather.

The smart umbrella not only tells you about the rain but also intelligently forecasts the weather for the next thirty minutes. It also connects to the nearby Oombrellas via internet and GPS to detect the real-time weather, while you are on the way.

It is designed with bright colors to make it look appealing and cool. People say it is quite heavy. The company is working to make it lightweight.

There is a small chip in the umbrella which connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. “It sends an alert if you forget it at the restaurant or somewhere else”, said an official from the company. The device will be available on KickStarter in coming weeks.


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