In an attempt to ensure the safety and security of its users, the ride-hailing service Uber is going to roll out a safety toolkit for riders and drivers across 38 countries from Europe to Pakistan. These new uber safety features will increase transparency and accountability for all users.

Sachin Kansal, Senior Director of Product Management at Uber announced the launch of new features at an event here in Dubai. The features include Safety Center, Trusted Contacts, Shared Trips, Emergency assistance button, and Caller Anonymization.

“There’s nothing more critical than the safety of the people we serve. With about 15 million trips happening on the Uber app each day, we are putting safety at the heart of everything we do. We’re proud to roll out this new safety toolkit with the aim to double down on safety in our app”, professed Sachin Kansal.

Mudasssir Jehangir with haider Bilgrami
Mudasssir Jehangir, Editor-in-Chief/Founder More News (L) with Haider Bilgrami, Head of Communication, Uber

The company announced that the latest development will be rolled out to Millions of app users across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan.

Latest Security Features

Here are some things you might want to know about these newly introduced Uber safety features.

Uber Feature
Uber Safety Features
  • Caller Anonymization: Riders and drivers will able to call each other without their number being displayed to one another. The company has generated a new system which will allow a third number to be displayed to both instead of their original phone numbers.
  • Emergency Button: In case of an emergency, the app user, whether drivers, riders or couriers will be able to connect to the local police, only with a single push of a button.
  • Safety Center: It is a new safety information hub within the app where users will be able to find information on community guidelines and safety tips built with law enforcement and more.
  • Trusted Contacts: Riders can more easily share their trip with up to five contacts and customize their trip sharing preferences.
  • Share Trip: It will allow drivers to easily share their location and trip status with family and friends.

Ride Safely with Uber

Uber Safety Toolkit
Haider Bilgrami, Head of Communication, Uber (L) with Shaden Abdul Latif, Head of Communication, MENA Region (R)

Uber deems it necessary to ensure its users’ safety and security by any means possible. These newly launched features are also the part of the chain.

The company does not only aim to be limited to just an app but wants to build a community where users are assured of their safety through developments in technology. Here are the services that Uber offers to its customers.

  • Tracking Every trip: The company maintains a record of every trip made by every user to fortify the users’ safety and prevent any mishaps. All the riders are provided with the name, picture and license plate number of the drivers.
  • Two-Way Accountability: Riders and drivers can report safety issues at any time during the whole 24 hours and the safety team from Uber will make certain to hold the responsible person accountable. If the behavior is contradictory to Uber’s Community Guidelines, it may result in losing access to Uber.
  • Community Guidelines: Uber educates its riders and drivers about the Community Guidelines and expects them to abide by the code.
  • Working with Law Enforcement: Uber has teamed up with former law enforcement professionals who remain on call to work with the police to respond to urgent needs of riders or drivers.
Pakistani Tech Bloggers at Uber Event
Pakistani Tech Bloggers at Uber Event in Dubai