New update of WhatsApp makes users unhappy

WhatsApp updates its emojis

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for its users and it seems that not a lot of fans are happy with it.

The users of this messaging app are extremely angry at the new update that makes the emojis in the conversations appear bigger than their normal size.

The new size of the WhatsApp emojis is somewhat similar to that of the Facebook Messenger, the users are complaining that they did not like this new style.

Many users are requesting the company to roll back the update because the new size of emojis makes the users look very much attentive in the conversations that they do not take seriously.

One of the users of WhatsApp posted on Twitter that she hates the new update of this app. According to her, emojis look better when they are smaller in size, and most of the times she prefers not using them.

Earlier, in an attempt to copy the features of Snapchat, the messaging company introduced an option to doodle over the pictures and videos. A lot of users were happy with the doodling feature but the new update has made them unhappy.

Back in August, the Moutain View-based instant messaging app launched voicemail feature to the iOS and Android. This feature was also praised by the users.

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Furthermore, the new update has an option to easily zoom the videos while recording them just by using your finger. Aside from this, you can now accept or reject the calls right from your lock screen and also create a favorite chat’s shortcut on your home screen.

WhatsApp is the world’s largest internet-based messaging app. Not only the common people use it, but also the large organizations are using it for the sake of communication.

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