With new YouTube Messenger, share your videos easily

YouTube Messenger app
YouTube Messenger image: TechCrunch

Video-sharing service YouTube has announced that it is going to launch an in-app messaging feature on its smartphone app so that people can talk about the latest videos without having to leave the app. The new service is called YouTube messenger.

Presently, people can watch videos on YouTube app, but they cannot share their opinion about the videos. If they have to discuss something about any video, they need to do this via WhatsApp, Skype or other messaging apps. But, after the launch of the YouTube messenger, an in-app messaging system, people will be able to discuss right from the YouTube app.

For beta testing, the company has already started rolling out the YouTube messenger for some of its users, and it is very likely that the service will be available to all the users in the next version of YouTube app. The mobile users of YouTube are already increasing on a daily basis.

The step to unveil messaging option comes at a time when Google is trying to recategorize its video-sharing service as a place for user-generated content, as well as a point where people can watch different series and movies, enjoy songs even when not connected to the internet, enjoy sports, kids videos.

The messaging service encourages it to become more of a social networking than it is today while also identifying that a massive number of socializing today is done on smartphones through chatting.

The step comes after Amazon announced its Video Direct service to compete with the YouTube. It has challenged Google that its video-sharing service is far better than YouTube because it pays users for uploading the videos. However, the service is not available in Pakistan.

Expected features of YouTube Messenger

The YouTube messaging service will come with a lot of emojis, video-sharing option, and text chat. The messaging feature will be offered in a new tab in the YouTube app for Android and iOS.

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