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National Highways Authority (NHA) has released an app on Google’s Play Store to ensure improved e-governance and take forward the “Right to Information” initiative with live traffic updates.

The app, NHA-IS, has been developed to improve the service for users and facilitate the commuters with timely news about weather, highway blockages, and diversions. Moreover, the mobile app will also help build a systematic feedback channel to answer the queries of the commuters.

An interactive map is also provided by the NHA in the app which is highly usable as it gives details of all the districts of Pakistan with CPEC alignments, Highways chainage in KMs, Motorways chainage, Motorways interchanges, Weigh stations, and Toll Plazas.

For now, the app only contains the data regarding toll taxes, road safety guidelines, emergency contact numbers and the future projects of NHA. The government is determined to enhance its usability by providing live traffic updates and alternative routes.

Note that, Motorway National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) is already benefiting the users with a mobile app which provides weather updates and important news regarding Pakistan Motorways.

NHA has a network of more than 39 National Highways and Motorways which comprises of almost 12000 km. Although it just covers 4.6% of the total national road network, 80% of the commercial traffic uses NHA.

Citizens are appreciating the government’s effort to digitize the country’s highways but also reporting issues regarding the app in the comments section at Play Store.

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